Like a rainbow tipped lightning rod, Tekashi 6ix9ine continues to attract trouble. The young rapper seems to be keeping his nose to the grindstone, making an effort to push his album DAY69 with some new visuals. Yet despite his best efforts, Tekashi's operation failed to run smoothly. In fact, the event led to him being escorted away in a police car. That's not to say he was arrested. On the contrary - police apparently took him away for his own safety. Perhaps the gathering mob suggested an unsafe environment. Either way, the "Billy" video will have to wait.

TMZ reports that the young rapper had several hundred people lining the streets of Crown Heights. And while you'd expect a production of that scale to have the proper permits, Tekashi doesn't exactly seem like a "by-the-books" type. Police were soon alerted after the mob continued to grow; once word got out about the shoot, it essentially turned into a free-for-all with more teenagers than Friday night at the mall. And while plenty of fan love was no doubt going around, police told the rapper that some of the messages were threatening in nature. Apparently, Tekashi will be chasing the threat of an ass-beating wherever he goes.

Unfortunately for fans, the "Billy" video will have to be put on hold. Still, the fact that he's chosen "Billy" lends credence to the fact that he has indeed embraced his "Billy Madison" role, and will continue on his quest to obtain higher education