Tekashi 6ix9ine's name might be surrounded in controversy but he's used it to his benefit. All the talk that surrounded his name helped him push his debut project, Day69 as far as possible. The rapper dropped the project on Friday and over the weekend, he celebrated by copping an new piece. The pendant is an iced out version of Billy The Puppet from the Saw movie with a 69 on his forehead to match 6ix9ine's tattoo. He claimed he dropped $300K for the chain but that may not be the case.

6ix9ine's new piece is reportedly not worth as much as he claims. On his Instagram post, he said he dropped $300K cash but according to TMZ's report, it's valued at $100K, a third of what he said. Either way, it's still a lot of money to drop on a new piece of jewelry.

The chain was made by Texan jeweler, Jimmy Boi, who handled his 69 spinner piece. The pendant itself is covered in 24.2 carats of black and white diamonds and Billy's mouth has a spring in it that opens and closes as it moves. It's an impressive piece of jewelry and Jimmy Boi was particularly happy about the outcome.

After he posted the chain on Instagram, he sent an open invite to anyone to snatch his chain. "Someone please snatch my chain so my project could sell more. More publicity is good pulblicuty." He wrote in the caption. He didn't end up posting the location but he did manage to get the attention of many individuals who are looking for a come up. It hasn't gotten snatched yet but we'll keep you posted if it ever does.