Tekashi 6ix9ine is basically beefing with everybody at this point. In fact, he may even have beef with you without you knowing it. Having built his career mostly by trolling people to the extent of garnering mass hatred, 6ix9ine's rise to prominence has not been without an extreme amount of controversy. Enjoying success with his debut project Day 69, Tekashi has amassed a following of equal supporters and haters. As he consistently gloats his Billboard prowess and his self-proclaimed "King of New York" status, the most recent person he has pissed off is Adrien Broner. 

With 6ix9ine betting a cool $300K on Broner's failure in his fight with Jessie Vargas this weekend, the fighter decided to match the bet, preparing a check for the Brooklyn rapper in case he loses. The check is as legit as it gets, made out to Daniel Hernandez, Tekashi's legal name, complete with signature and all. The best part about this situation is that the boxing match is taking place in New York City, with Tek telling Broner to "check in" when he arrives. The possibilities of their beef escalating in the streets of Brooklyn are real as a prelude to the official match may just take place between 6ix9ine and Adrien Broner.

With 24 knockouts on his belt, we would confidently bet on Broner to win a street fight with Tekashi, but you never know. What we do know, however, is that regardless of the outcome of the fight, somebody is about to lose $300,000.