Terry Crews is not slowing down on his moves to take down Adam Venit for sexually assaulting him at a Hollywood function some time ago.

As many now know, Terry first came out with his allegations against the agent back in October and has since publicly spoken out on the encounter saying he's never felt "more emasculated" than the time Adam groped his genitals. It was only reported that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor filed a police report on Adam, but sources over at TMZ say Terry is going forward with a full lawsuit that is currently ongoing.

Russell Simmons, who is also accused of sexual assault, urged Terry to consider dropping the case but clearly, he wasn't having it since Terry put Russell on blast by sharing a screenshot of his email on Twitter with the caption, "NO ONE GETS A PASS."

When Adam was allowed back to work at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Terry once again took to Twitter re-tweeting the news saying, "SOMEONE GOT A PASS." 

A lot of Twitter users were on Terry's side urging him to not back down and continue fighting for what's right.

We'll keep you guys updated on the case.