They've chosen to live their lives out loud as a celebrity couple, and that includes sharing their tragic moments with the world, as well. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the couple who often playfully tease each other or fawn over one another in interviews, but instead of sharing the happier times of their family of four, they've recently revealed that their baby boy has passed away. The couple posted a lengthy message detailing their grief, and social media has been overrun with offerings of condolences, including a mention from Terry Crews.

Crews has been a controversial figure lately as his tweets and comments have often landed him in hot water. His tweet to Legend and Teigen once again found Terry Crews facing backlash. "So sorry for your loss @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend. @rebeccakcrews and I endured this pain as well. Holding you guys close to our hearts," Crews wrote sympathetically. His message was one of understanding, however, after it was shared on various platforms, the America's Got Talent host was accused of selfishness for mentioning his own experience.

Losing a child is difficult for any parent, so we send our heartfelt condolences to Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and anyone else who has endured such heartbreak.