Following his allegations of sexual misconduct against a WMG agent Adam Venit, Terry Crews suspects that he is now being spied on by employees at his former talent agency. Crews shot off a series of tweets on Friday that detail the actor's fears that he may be a target of cyber-stalking and other invasions of privacy. 

As previously reported, Crews alleges that Russell Simons, who is being accused of sexual assault from a variety of women, is being pressured by executives at WMG to try and convince the actor to drop his much-publicized case. He also claims that his personal computers may be hacked in an attempt to track the activity of him and his family. 

Also, the actor details an interesting conversation had with the LAPD, who admit that the shady behaviour of Hollywood executives, and the extreme measures they go in order to keep secrets hidden from the public. However, Crews defiantly claims that he will not back down from his cause until justice is rightfully served.