Tessa Thompson stars as Bianca in the Creed franchise who is Michael B. Jordan's love interest and mother of his child in the film. Being the leading lady to a champion boxer doesn't mean all dreams and goals have to get thrown to the side, according to Tessa, which is something that was kept in mind when crafting the script. 

“I talked to Tessa about her concerns. She was like, ‘I don’t want to be pregnant, walking around making him sandwiches and singing to him,’” director Steven Caple Jr. told Vulture. “It was a joke. But I put that in the script. Here’s a woman who doesn’t want to be on the back burner for someone else’s career. She still has dreams and goals.”

Tessa's character is an upcoming singer in the film, who wanted to be seen as FKA Twigs and SZA. At one point in the film, Bianca enters the ring for a performance and that particular scene pulled on inspiration from one of the baddest in the game, Rihanna. “When she’s singing for Adonis on that exit song, we weren’t thinking FKA Twigs anymore,” Steven added “We needed a song that says, ‘Hey, what’s up? I’m ready for war.’ So we were thinking Rihanna — not Beyoncé — because Rihanna has that edge to her. We wanted to make sure that even with Tessa’s character’s transition and growth that she still maintained that edge.”