Just a few weeks after Buena Regional High School student Andrew Johnson was forced to have his dreads cut off at a wrestling match, a Spring Valley Elementary School student was asked the same thing and his mother, Tiffany Brown, is speaking out. 

Tiffany's 1st-grade son was sent home over Christmas break with a letter that asked him to have his dreads cut by the time he returns back to school. "This is the note the school sent home in my son's backpack. I will not cut his hair. He does not want it cut, so why should I cut it? How does his hair affect his ability to learn?" Tiffany captioned the photo of the note on Twitter. 

“Children of color have been targeted for many years, because of what others see as the norms in our society,” Tiffany told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Because of these norms that are blinding people in our society, some people have stated that dreadlocks are a fashion statement and my child should conform and express himself when he’s older. Dreadlocks are part of my African culture, not a fashion statement.”

According to the publication, when Tiffany's son returned to school with his hair not cut off he was called to the principles office. 

“My son Jonathan went from loving his hair yesterday to opting to cut his hair today, after this meeting,” Tiffany added. “Yesterday, he loved his hair and didn’t want it cut; today he’s frustrated and doesn’t, after speaking with a school official.”