Teyana Taylor may be frustrated about the time constraints she had to deal with for her K.T.S.E. album but she's planning on revamping the project with some new flavor shortly. One of the highlight tracks on the album, aside from the stellar "Rose In Harlem," is "WTP," a very sexual track that is highly inappropriate for children. With the clean version not yet created for "WTP," 'Yana will need to get on that quickly because her daughter is already catching on to the lyrics.

Tuning in for an Instagram live-stream, fans got to witness a candid moment in the car with Teyana. Speaking on the track, the G.O.O.D. Music singer discussed her plans for the upcoming music video, Teyana decided between visualizing "the house of Petunia's pu--y" and "Petunia's pu--y palace" when Junie repeated her choice ideas from the backseat. Repeating after her mother, Junie likely had no idea what she was even saying but Teyana quickly realized the error in her ways, scolding her daughter and telling her to say "cat" instead. Junie happily obliged, repeating "work this cat" a few times over, possibly inspiring the inevitable clean version's lyrics.

After celebrating her man Iman Shumpert's birthday all night, Taylor can blame the slip-up on exhaustion. However, it's likely she will be a little more careful in the future.