Teyana Talyor's boss attitude and killer dance moves will always remain, but her killer hairstyles and updos will always switch up adding even more boss looks to her resume. The "Rose In Harlem" singer debuted a new look on Instagram and the red locks remind of us of Jessica Rabbit and we're here for it. She captioned one of her sultry looks saying "Petunia Rabbit," check it out below.

“I feel like I’ve always given looks," Teyana previously stated about her famous fashion get-ups, detailing how she loves the fact that "hood chic" is a thing since she's not so good at wearing heels. “Everything is coming full-circle. Everyone is getting their just due. Where streetwear is right now is where I always wanted it to be.”

Teyana recently debuted her campaign with lingerie line Agent Provocateur and explained why decided to join on as an embassador. 

“The brand came to me in search of a strong talent, one who could not only be the face of the campaign, but also be involved in creating a new approach to female empowerment,” she said. “I felt like it could be an opportunity for me to represent different types of women with regards to lingerie.”