There has been no shortage of dope sneaker releases this Summer, including this upcoming weekend which will see the return of the "Indiglo" Air Jordan XIV. In fact, the month of August is loaded as it is but that's not with this is about. 

We're not talking about authentic sneakers. Hell, we're not even talking about "Super Perfect" knockoffs or B-Grade sneakers. We're talking about the worst of the worst; the ugliest fake sneakers that have graced the feet of humans across the country this Summer.

The Fleezy Boosts, the Air Max Air Gordon 11s, the Laney Manolo heels, the Under Arms. Yes, people are even making bootleg Under Armour sneakers called Under Arms. 

On top of all the gruesome fakes spotted out in public by IG user @FakeFiles, we've also seen a handful of heinous "Maybe Deadstock" Air Jordans on eBay that people are trying to sell for hundreds of dollars. 

It always seems like the most hideous fake sneakers come out of hiding during the dog days of Summer and we've corralled 15 of the worst for your viewing pleasure.