Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day was everything its ambitious title promised it would be. The event took place in Chicago's South Side at the White Sox's Cellular One Field, and brought out 47,000 attendees, making it a successfully unifying event for the city. It brought out acts that normally might not perform on the same stag,e including LiL Uzi Vert, Tyler The Creator, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, a closing set by Skrillex, and of course, Chance himself.

The show was live-streamed on Tidal, but for anyone who wasn't able to catch it, we've put together some of the more memorable moments from the incredible day-long show.

Lil Uzi Vert diving in the crowd and taking the photo of the day

Lil Uzi got the energy going early in the day with a characteristically lively set, which eventually found him performing in the middle of the crowd. He also had a good time hanging out and taking some incredible photos with Young Thug backstage.


Kanye West coming through and causing a stampede

Kanye's surprise appearance inspired kids to run as fast as they could to the front of the venue as they heard the opening sample to "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1." Eventually, Chance came out to perform alongside Ye and do his verse from "Ultralight Beam." 

Chance The Rapper performing with a choir of puppets

Chance debuted a new stage setup that included a choir of puppets who sang with him throughout the show. At times, there were also puppet duets such as the "Same Drugs" performance. It was both a surprising and complimentary addition to the rapper's uber-positive set.

Common showing up despite hosting his own festival the same day

Common's AAHH! Fest unfortunately fell on the exact same day as Chance's Coloring Day, but it didn't stop the two from making appearances at one another's shows. While Chance stopped by AAHH! to do "No Problem," fellow Chicagoan Common made an appearance during John Legend's set to do their Oscar-winning "Glory." It was a very honorable gesture on both artists' accounts, once again making an effort to ensure Chicago stands united.

Fan Love

Perhaps the best part of the show was the amazing energy brought by the fans. Photos of the show prove that the stadium was absolutely packed, and the fans (most of which seem to be pretty young) were extremely receptive throughout the show. Chance pointed to one guy that decided to blindfold himself throughout the whole show, and there is plenty more weird and heartwarming footage of fans to be found elsewhere.