We've hypothesized that a new album from Atmosphere isn't too far away, given recent tweets from his engineer announcing an album from the duo was done. While we've had no further updates from Atmosphere's camp on this apparent finished album, producer Alchemist reveals he's got some collaborations with Atmosphere's Slug in the bag.

The Alchemist spoke spoke with Prefix about his forthcoming joint effort with Rhymesayer's Evidence, Lord Steppington, during which he mentioned his work with Slug.

When asked if a collaborative project with Atmosphere would ever become a reality, Alc answered, "Well, I think it’s just a matter of which project we drop first.  Cause we’ve already done a lot of stuff.  Slug is a legend.  If allowed, the world will hear it. You gotta ask Slug. You know what—you gotta ask Ant.  Cause Ant has everything in the hard drive.  If you know him, he gives out information easily." Let's hope Ant approves. 

The Step Brothers' album Lord Steppington arrives January 21st via Atmosphere's Rhymesayers label. Check out more on that over at Prefix.