Seems as though we've arrived at yet another development in the case of Tupac Shakur's 1996 murder. 

Earlier in the month, it was reported that that murder weapon linked to the rapper's death had previously gone missing, sparking a flurry of conspiracy theories on its whereabouts. It was in 1998 that the .40 caliber Glock that was believed to have been the murder weapon used the night Tupac was gunned down in Las Vegas was allegedly in police possession after being found in the backyard of a Compton, California home. 

Nearly a decade later it would be Deputy T. Brennan who recognized the address has having belonged to the girlfriend of a Crip gang member who was a rival of Shakur's. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives would soon test the handgun and find that it matched the ballistics results of the weapon used to murder Pac. It was then that the gun was sent to Las Vegas P.D. for another test after matching the alleged weapon used in another unsolved case in Las Vegas.  

Now according to new developments, the weapon in question never went missing after all. When it was determined by Las Vegas police that the gun was a match for the other unsolved case and not Tupac's. It was then given back to the ATF where it stayed until inventory was taken in 2013. That same year it would be determined that the longer was no longer needed, and it, along with a stockpile of other weapons, was destroyed as is standard procedure.  

Simple enough, but let's see what conspiracy theories come of this one.