The rap game is international and has been for a while now. Kids all over the world revel in Hip Hop culture and bump to the same tunes as the kids in North America. When an artist beats other huge names in streaming, it is worth mentioning. When that same artist secures the top 17 spots in that chart, a rare occurrence in any major market, it is worth mentioning. This Belgian artist managed to dominate the France Top 50 chart in such a way with his latest album, amidst huge releases like Kanye West productions. His name is Damso and the album those French kids would rather listen to, as opposed to the American tunes, is called Lithopédion. The record dropped on June 15th, which coincides with the release date of Christina Aguilera's R&B-tinged Liberation and Nas' Nasir.

Lithopédion, Damso's third studio album, produced 61 million Spotify streams in its first week. The album's production is cool and familiar, but the content can be heavy for some. His track Julien, for example, brings forth the unsettling subject of pedophilia. The album can easily be listened to as a whole, in tradition with the holistic storytelling of LPs. The curious can stream the album below.