It's Friday. It's 2k18. What better time is there for you to follow our FIRE EMOJI playlist??? We've been building up our Spotify playlist, FIRE EMOJI, as a breeding ground of sorts for the dopest/best/hottest hip-hop and r'n'b songs that are out right now. The playlist is updated on a rolling basis, and always newest of the new, new new new, in other, or the same, words. In an effort to keep your earbuds satisfied and, as well, keep up with the constant/non-stop pace of the internetz, we're updating FIRE EMOJI on a daily basis, and we're sharing it with you every Friday, to better suit your weekend plans. If you didn't keep up with the site for the entire week, then consider this as a simple FYI on the songs you might have missed, but perhaps more importantly, the ones you really need in your life. 

Are we missing the more fire song you've ever heard in your life??? Let us know in the comments, we'll be checking them out and possibly making additions as we see fit.

This week's edition of the FIRE EMOJI playlist contains new songs from Migos (Culture II dropped, and while the tracklist is stacked, we picked out two of the must-listen records), G Herbo, Jhene Aiko, Drake (Scary Hours EP-- had to put the whole ting), as well as some lesser-known names that you should start getting familiar with, such as Cozz, Ralo, Skooly, Lewis Grant and Lil West. We're putting on for everyone in hip-hop and r'n'b. 

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