Over its 50 year lifespan, the NFL's championship game has done a better job than any other sporting event of attracting viewers who have little to no interest in the sport. Gratuitous halftime shows starring some of the biggest musicians in the world is certainly one draw for non-fans, but the game has also become the biggest day of the year for advertisers in the US, for once making the many commercial breaks actually enjoyable to the viewer. Budgets are huge, humor is a must, and high-profile cameos are almost a certainty at this point.

This year, Super Bowl 50 ads will feature an unprecedented number of rappers and R&B singers, with Drake repping for T-Mobile, Lil Wayne starring in an Apartments.com spot, and both Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd appearing in a Grammys ad. It'll definitely be hip hop's biggest showing in Super Bowl advertisement history, but there have been a few odd rap-themed ones in the past. Whether hilarious, cringeworthy, or downright pitiful, here are past Super Bowl TV spots that have starred rappers.