A new challenge has made its way to the internet and as usual, folks can't get enough. As you may recall, the latest challenge to have swept the internet by storm was the "In My Feelings" challenge which sparked following the release of Drake's album, Scorpion. Several social media users took their talents to the internet in order to showcase their best rendition of the Shiggy-created dance which was coupled to the Drake bop. Now, a new challenge is around the corner and it may require a slightly much-advanced level of physicality to perform.

Taekwondo instructor and fighter Farabi Davletchin coined the new challenge which is known as the Bottle Cap challenge. The task involved is particular: unscrew a bottle cap with a drop-kick or roundhouse. Gnarly right? Although difficult, a slew of celebrities have tried it. Of these, we include John Mayer, and Max Holloway -- who both attempted the physically-demanding test. Other celebrities have chosen to take a seat and watch instead of participating. For instance, Shawn Mendes commented, "I actually can't believe this, wow." John then went onto challenging Jason Statham, who actually managed to nail the entire thing. Statham then challenged Guy Ritchie and we expect the dares to continue. Will you be attempting to try the Bottle Cap challenge?