Earlier this week the #VansChallenge took social media by storm after one Vans-tossing twitter user discovered that the beloved shoes consistently land right side up.

The video footage quickly went viral and before long Vans owners across the internet were throwing their Vans Authentic, Slip-Ons and SK8-His into the air to see how they landed.

Because we live in a 24-hour news cycle it didn't take long for the next viral sensation to emerge. Now, it's the "Crocs Challenge" which is just as riveting as the first.

Somehow, the "Crocs Challenge" will eventually transform into Floridians trying to wrangle wild gators in the everglades, but for now people are just harmlessly throwing their rubber clogs around.

Thus far, it looks like Crocs also have a tendency to land on their soles - as seen in the collection of videos embedded below.