The-Dream hasn't had it easy these past few months. After domestic violence allegations were filed back in early May by his baby momma Lydia Nam, the Radio Killah was forced to turn himself in to NYPD for questioning before posting bail at a hefty $20,000. While maintaining his innocence against his accuser, Dream has otherwise remained fairy quiet about the whole ordeal after making his initial comments. Filmed on father's day, new footage released by TMZ this afternoon finds the hit maker (no pun intended) elaborating his stance on the case.

"Of course they are [false]," he says in an interview with TMZ. "I'm a lovely person."

The-Dream's child's mother, Nam, has released images of the alleged results of her ex-partner's abuse. When asked where The-Dream thinks those bruises presented came from, the singer responded, "They all told me, 'You get this much money, just know somebody gonna always want it.'"