Maybe it was Kanye West who first opened the door for hip hop and R&B artists to expand their expression to more than just music with his many art films, but The-Dream is the next up to experiment with his vision. The album/film is titled Genesis.

After teasing the project throughout the week, Terius Nash has released a short film that’s made up of 10 songs interwoven with visuals that explore “variations of his random dreams represented as symbols, the face of his soul, and the conflict within himself." While The-Dream has mostly been known for pop songwriting and bedroom-ready tracks, he’s clearly able to get abstract with it too, saying, “I can never fully explain what I see and what I hear separately, it must be fused into one.”

Wiz Khalifa is featured on the song “Virtuous” from the project. The whole project is available now, exclusively on TIDAL.

The-Dream will also be going on a corresponding tour for Genesis, with tickets on sale now.