The Dream is on his George Lucas tip when it comes to creating trilogies, and expanding on them. Let's hope he doesn't mess up the original trilogy with a bloated and overhyped sequel series. The Dream showed up just two weeks ago with the triple album Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 1, 2, 3. Spanning across 40 tracks, the impressive vocals of The Dream caresses listeners with tales of sex, love, money, and power. Although you're probably still digesting the massive album, The Dream is ready to strike with a follow-up project. That's right. The Dream is preparing another triple album and he teased fans with the project on social media on Thursday (January 3).

Ménage à Trois: Sextape Vol. 4, 5, 6 will undoubtedly follow the same strategy as its predecessor. A catalog of new music, immaculate production, and The Dreams impressive writing will guide listeners through the Ménage à Trois sequel. "Already! Prepare for 4-5-6, Hello? anyone else up here?," wrote The Dream on an Instagram post which shows the logo for the follow-up project. "Just me I guess........... #Sextapevol123 Out NOW hit the link! #Sextapevol 4/5/6 otw!" That's one crazy work ethic. "On the way" could mean anything, but we're guessing that the new volumes will arrive in the first quarter of 2019.