Wiz Khalifa often gets a bad rap for his notorious one-track mind. He's this generation's most famous stoner rap icon, taking the torch from his "Mac & Devin" co-star Snoop Dogg and running it to the top of the charts while leaving weed-focused contemporaries like Smoke DZA and Curren$y to languish as cult favorites. He's gotten there without reinventing his lyrical approach-- just look at his recent appearance on Cam'ron and Berner's "Dope Spot"-- but by toying around with basically every rap subgenre on the map. Lest we forget, his first hit sampled a Dutch Eurodance track from the '90s.

One of the more intriguing tangents Khalifa's career has taken is that of "Trap Wiz," a tag most commonly associated with last year's 28 Grams tape (as the phrase appeared on the cover), but one that he's flirted with ever since bringing the "Godfather of Trap" himself into Taylor Gang's lineup in 2011. Alongside Juicy J, as well as a solo artist, Wiz has covered a lot of ground while making trap music, and today, we look back at how he's progressed his "Trap Wiz" persona through the years.