For days, The Game has been sharing at least one post per day to commemorate his friend Nipsey Hussle. The Los Angeles rapper passed away when he was struck with gunfire in the parking lot of his Marathon store on Crenshaw and Slauson. Game is making sure that nobody forgets just how impactful the 33-year-old was during his career, giving so much back to his community and offering authenticity and unity in his music. One day after he was fatally gunned down, Nipsey was scheduled to meet with the Los Angeles Police Department to discuss ways they can work together to reduce gang violence. The rapper, who identified as a member of the Crips, was close friends with The Game and YG, who are both Bloods, and the moment he went on tour with Game was actually life-changing for the West Coast veteran.

In today's Nipsey post, Game shared a throwback of himself and Hussle, noting that his friendship with the artist cost him plenty of other gang relationships. "Had hella fights & fell out with 1/2 my hood the time I took you on tour," reflected Game. "Most n***as I still ain’t cool wit to this day. A young blood n***a from the westside of Compton bringing a gang of rollin 60’s crips on tour was doing the most. I had to explain daily to my homies, how it was bigger than Compton, bigger than LA & that having that state of mind would only get us so far in this shit... My n***as that stayed down with me saw my vision come into fruition & the n***as who didn’t get it then & still don’t now are somewhere mad & bitter as fuck with nothing but hate in their heart because we kept it moving & made our union BIGGER THAN LIFE."

The Game went on to explain how nobody used to get into Nipsey's performances as a new artist but he let him grow and was there from the start, watching how he adapted to life on the stage and taking a front-row seat for it all. Now and forever, RIP Nipsey Hussle.