The Game isn’t with all these young rappers faking their gangsta persona. In fact, he’s saying it’s sad because he used to be one. On Tuesday night, The Blast caught up with the LA rapper leaving Murano Nightclub and was asked about Tekashi being a bad role model on those coming up.

Game says the young rappers who troll everyone with threats of violence are not doing anything to help their own lives. He said it’s a sad situation and stresses that real gangsters are doing hard time from crimes on the street, and it’s not a joking situation.

“The situation is sad. All these new young rappers, cause I used to be one, need to take heeve cause all that fake & funk is not whats going to help your life homie. There’s niggas out here really living, dying, doing real life sentences,” The Game says. “Why fake it? Then you end up to the next niggas who do real gangsta shit and don’t want to be in there,” he continued. “I don’t know one gangsta who wants to be in jail.”

You can check out The Game's comments for yourself right here