Sean Kingston is now in the middle of The Game's beef with Meek Mill. The feud seems to be connected to a June incident where Sean was robbed at an L.A. club. The Game has been accusing Meek Mill of pointing the cops towards him following the robbery, and now, he's become involved in a feud with Sean after the singer took to Instagram to suggest Meek was not involved at all. 

The Game told his entire side of the story in an Instagram video, reiterating that Meek had snitched, Sean was lying, and once again insisting that he and Meek will be brawling in the near future. According to him, it was Sean's own people who set him up for the robbery, and Meek gave Sean the idea it was The Game's team, which then got the cops on his case. "You called me back ten minutes later talking about Meek called and told you that I had you set up and robbed in the club. Then you sued the club, called detectives, then you called detectives with Meek on the phone. Let them speak to Meek, incriminating me and my fucking entourage saying that we fucking robbed you. they had detectives knocking on my fucking door."

Not long after that, Sean replied with his own words for Game, telling some of his side of the story, claiming that people affiliated with Game hit him over the head with a bottle before taking his jewelry. However, he mainly took the opportunity to hurl insults at the rapper. "You 43 years old, still trying to do music," he said, before arguing that The Documentary is the Compton rapper's only good album -- and that was just the beginning.

Update: Sean has since deleted his series of Instagram videos, but they have been compiled in a YouTube video below.

This surely isn't the end of the web of conflict. Catch up with the full story in our timeline.