Kesha has been supported by huge stars across the music industry, females especially, but now she has found a somewhat unlikely advocate in The Game

The most controversial conflict in the music industry right now is that between Kesha, Dr. Luke, and Sony, the label to which both artists are signed. Kesha had an exclusive recording contract with Dr. Luke, and in late 2014, she filed a lawsuit against the Grammy-nominated producer, bringing forth allegations of sexual assault and battery, among others. She also sought to free herself from her contract, both with Dr. Luke and Sony. In February, Kesha's lawsuit was dismissed, and she thus remains bound to her contract with Sony. As for Dr. Luke, however, reports recently surfaced suggesting that Sony was preparing to drop the producer due to his increasingly negative reputation. 

The Game was walking around Hollywood last night, and he was spotted by a TMZ reporter who decided to ask him about all the drama involving Kesha. Game didn't speak on Kesha's allegations of sexual abuse against Dr. Luke, but he did voice his opinion that she should be freed from her contract from Sony. "Let her off the label, man," said Game, before going on to vent some of his frustrations with the music industry. 

"I don't understand music and the slave mentality," he continued. "You know, if the artist is not happy, man, you should let the artist do their thing." "But you signed a contract," responded the reporter, and The Game clapped back by saying, "Fuck a contract." 

"You know what a contract is?" Game asked. "A piece of paper that I signed when I was dumb and illiterate to the music business, you know what I'm sayin'. And then you figure it out, you get smart, you get aware, and you realize you signed some bullshit." 

Many high-profile music contracts, such as the one Kesha finds herself locked in, are likely designed to protect record companies against Game's very argument. However, the Compton rapper does have a point when it comes to labels manipulating young artists who clearly don't understand everything they're subjecting themselves to immediately upon signing a deal. Kesha was only 18 when she signed to Dr. Luke and Sony.