The Game is formidable even at his most docile. With no patience for disrespect of even the slightest nature, Game's ruthless reputation is as storied as his legendary discography. If you throw shade, you may very well find yourself on the receiving end of hundreds upon hundreds of bars. Mercy is not his strong suit; perhaps that's why he initially caught the attention of 50 Cent. Suffice it to say, The Game has been making headlines of late for a variety of non-musical reasons. From threatening to break Stars' jaw, to cancelling a show in England at the last minute, to facing contempt of court charges over unpaid fees, The Game has managed to keep himself busy.

It would behoove you to remember that Game is still a legend out here. The man can pack a stadium, and his fans are adoring in nature. It isn't uncommon for Game to wade into the crowd during a performance, although there exist a set of unspoken ground rules. Mainly, do not invade the performer's personal space. Upon breaking that cardinal rule, all bets are off. Unfortunately, one fan learned the hard way at a recent concert in Slovenia.

As per usual, Game found himself on stage surrounded by his supporters, when fans started getting a little overzealous. Security issued a warning that Game should not be touched by any means necessary. One fan decided to damn the rules, and leaned in for a selfie. Faster than you can say "Falcon Punch," Game sent him flying back, yelling "back the fuck up, man!" One of Game's entourage came through with the coup de grace, and the fan found himself plummeting face first from whence he came.

Peep the footage, courtesy of TMZ