Rappers like Meek Mill, Big Sean, & Diddy have pledged donations to the Flint water crisis. The Game just blew them out of the water with a donation of $1 million in water bottles.

The Game, whose sister and her children reside in Flint, has a long history of donating to charitable causes. He is splitting the bill with Avita Water, a Michigan-based bottled water company.

True to form, he used the occasion to call out Madonna and Jimmy Fallon, whose $10,000 pledges he deemed deeply unsatisfactory. 

"Stop using others tragedies for your own celebrity gain," he wrote on Instagram. "You're not fooling ANYONE ! I seen @Madonna & @JimmyFallon's $10,000 donations... that's cute, but not nearly enough.... So I challenge both & anyone else in the world to match me & DONATE $1,000,000 in bottled water to Flint, Michigan & we want proof, shipping order receipts, bank wire receipts, pictures etc. No more pretending to give a fuck..... I donate money all the time & it comes out of my pocket, out of my bank account & never once have I written anything off on my taxes because that's not why... I don't wanna see anyone else using the word 'PLEDGE' in their donation or press release because we all know that that means.... YOU JUST TALKING & TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A HUMANITARIAN."

In a follow-up interview with TMZ, he called Madonna and Fallon's pledges a "joke." “If we’re gonna donate some water, lets donate some water," he said.

Check out Game's posts below. Note his charity's bank balance...