While The Game has had a rough go this year, having recently been on the receiving end of an unfortunate legal blow, he's not about to respond by sulking in the corner. Instead, Game has decided to come forward and put his money on the table in the name of a righteous cause. Taking to Instagram, the rapper confirmed that he would be teaming with Go Giveaways to provide four of his fans with twenty-thousand dollars apiece.

The Game

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

"Check it out, I'm giving away twenty-thousand dollars to four people," begins Game. "COVID-19, everybody in the house. Everybody can use some extra cash, man. All you gotta do is follow @gogiveaways_official right now on the Gram." As he tells it, there's very little else to do other than follow the steps presented in the announcement post. "Twenty-thousand dollars, who can't use it?" he ponders, as rhetorical a question as ever.

Should you feel like giving it a try, head over to the Go Giveaways IG page, follow all 80 of the pages they are following, share it to your story and tag one of your friends in the comments. After that, Game himself will pick a winner -- it should be noted that the contest is reserved for those eighteen and older. Check out the full list of details below, and sound off. Have you any interest in partaking in the Game's challenge?