The Game isn't here for the critics of the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me.

Premiering on Friday, the film, focused on the life of Hip-Hop legend Tupac Shakur, has been met with a sea of emotions across the board.

Notably, we've seen lifelong friend of Tupac, Jada Pinkett-Smith speak out against what she called “hurtful inaccuracies” about her relationship with the rapper portrayed in the film.

Rapper 50 Cent also had his own opinion of the film, referring to it as “some bullshit,” and prompting viewers to instead “catch that shit on a fire stick,” in reference to the Amazon Fire Stick that is used to illegally stream movies.

West coast emcee The Game, however, stepped out to social media in response to anyone with anything negative to say about the Benny Boom-directed film.

#AllEyezOnMe SUPPORT it. Go see it. Tell a friend," he wrote in an Instagram caption. "I love the movie & ANYBODY with a negative review of this film or anything bad to say about PAC..... I'm gone say it since he can't..... FUCK YOU #ThugLife #RIP2Pac #RIPAfeni #CaliforniaLove."

Without giving anything away, critics of the film,have called it out on jumping around too much, or simply not doing Tupac’s story justice.

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