Despite his rugged and robust exterior, The Game has never been one to shy away from his emotions. As far back as The Documentary's painfully raw confessional "Start From Scratch," Game has solidified himself as one of hip-hop's more nuanced gangsta types. Not adverse to the rough-and-tumble, yet still might buy you flowers on Valentine's Day. Evidently, The Game has been in a reflective state, as evidenced by his latest Instagram post, a dedication to the late XXXTentacion.

"For some reason, he been heavy on my heart since the day he died," writes The Game, alongside an image of the murdered rapper. "Don’t know what exactly my heart is trying to convey but I definitely feel an obligation to protect this new generation of artist. In studio thinkin bout all y’all... be creative, live life, have fun, enjoy your moment & try your hardest to bob & weave thru the madness."

Though those prone to surface judgments may deem Game a traditionalist on sight, it's clear that he understands the ever-changing and malleable nature of modern day hip-hop. "Fuck whoever don’t understand," writes Game, pulling all the motivational stops. "Hip hop takes on all shapes & forms as it continuously evolves & I love its current state. Take advantage of every second while living out your dream." Wise words from a longstanding OG, and a reminder of the vast impact XXXTentacion had on peers of all ages. Rest in peace, and salute to Game for this one.