It's been months since the passing of rapper and West Coast legend Nipsey Hussle, but the music industry (and the rest of the world) is still mourning his legacy. 

Since his death, tens of thousands of fans have been posting tributes to the rapper on social media, captioned with the hashtag #TheMarathonContinues. Very few though, if any, have surpassed Hussle's friend and rapper, The Game's, dedication in keeping the entrepreneur and activist's memory alive. Following the news of his death The Game, (dubbed losangelesconfidential on Instagram) posted a tear-jerking and heartfelt caption on Instagram as a tribute to his longtime friend. "Rolled down my window 12 years ago on Crenshaw & Slauson as you handed me your demo & said “Chuck, don’t frisbee my shit homie... give a young n*gga a ear," he recalls. "A man that was truly about everything he spoke & stood up for all that he believed in. I keep seeing your name in these headlines bro, but it seems unreal to me.... like, I just cannot believe you gone !!!! I love you..... I’m really broken & saddened by the fact they did this to you SMMFH !!!!!"

It's safe to say that fans all over the world were touched by the words shared by the "100" artist. Little did they know though, that The Game would be dedicating a post in remembrance of his late companion The Game continues to stay true to his commitment to keep the spirit of Nip alive, posting a picture of Hussle on his Instagram every day with a long caption intended to inspire and keep his legacy at the forefront of our minds. 

His most recent post speaks to parents out there who are shaping their children: "As adults it’s our responsibility to give them as much love, education & nourishment as we possibly can," Yet, he also speaks to every single one of us, on the importance of shaping ourselves into the people we want to be, the people we would be proud of, "all it takes to succeed in life is to be blessed to see the day... Appreciate the gift of life & conquer the day. Sometimes it takes work, dedication & can be time consuming but if you start now, tomorrow you will be one day closer to achieving your dreams," he says. "Nothing on earth is unattainable & there is no height we cannot reach. [...] I love & believe in you..... look yourself in the mirror & recognize that you are pure GOLD, then go get it !!!"