On Friday, The Game took to Instagram to try to shoot his shot with New Orleans rapper Tokyo Vanity. It seems as though Tokyo has recently been trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get into shape, posting herself posing in a waist trainer alongside the caption, “Live in the flesh w/ me @whatwaistofficial  sauna suit !” She seems to have made a significant amount of progress in her fitness journey, looking much slimmer compared to older photos

The Game clearly took an interest in Tokyo Vanity on Instagram, commenting on a recent photo of hers, saying, “Boyyyyyy….. ahhhh wear dat ahh out.” Tokyo responding, telling The Game to, “gone on,” alongside some laughing emojis. It’s unclear whether the two had any interaction between Instagram DMs after the spicy comments, but it’s certainly possible The Game could be seriously shooting his shot. 

It wouldn’t be out of character for The Game to make a bold move like this, considering he’s been in the news recently for some pretty cocky behavior. Earlier this month, The Game took to Clubhouse after drinking a bit too much, telling the room that he believed he was the best rapper from Compton. He also told fans he could out-rap Kendrick Lamar, which people later flamed him for. 

We’ll have to wait and see if this flirting between Tokyo Vanity and The Game goes anywhere, but let us know what you think in the comments.