Kanye West's positive stance on Donald Trump has a lot of people upset with him, but the most troubling enemy he's made with his statements has to be Daz Dillinger, a West Coast rapper who issued "national alert," calling for Crips to "fuck Kanye up" on sight in California. This stemmed from a lyric on Kanye's recent track, "Ye VS The People," that says, "Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip's hand."

Now other California artists are coming forward to let Kanye know that these aren't simply idle threats. Most notable is The Game, the Compton rapper who has never been afraid to show off his Blood affiliations. TMZ recently caught up with Game, and asked him about the threat on Kanye's life. 

In the video, Game says that "If Daz Dillinger threaten you, you should damn sure feel threatened." When asked what Kanye should do, Game replies with, "Ask Trump for some security," before clarifying that it's all love between him and Kanye.

Staying out of California isn't really a feasible option for Kanye, as he currently lives in Calabasas with his family. While Dillinger stated that he'd allow Kanye to stay in Calabasas only, not everyone is convinced that will be enough.

R&B star and Calabasas resident, Eric Benet, was also caught by TMZ and asked about Kanye. When asked if Calabasas is safe, Benet says, "Is there enough security anywhere for the Crips?"

Check out the two videos from The Game and Eric Benet down below.