We're used to seeing The Game share his thoughts on the current political climate or on the state of hip-hop right now but he's also known for his regular thirst traps, directing a good chunk of his content to the women that follow him. His potential suitors have just been given a message that pertains solely to them as Game decided to ring in the New Year by addressing his future wife, hoping that she presents herself soon.

The West Coast rapper unzipped his jacket to get something off his chest: a message for his future wife that he had been holding in. The note is simple as he tapped into some "Marvin Gaye Vibes," telling his invisible partner that he "can't wait to share all that [he is]" with her. The artist was bundled up in a Gucci jacket as he made the statement, leaving many women to post heart-eyed emojis in the comments. 

The Game turns 40-years-old this year so he must be hoping that his future wife comes around soon. He recently announced his Canadian tour, which begins soon. It's the first time that he's been allowed in the Northern country for years and he's celebrating the fact that he's now able to see what's good. Maybe he'll meet his new girl in the crowd of one of his shows.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images