It's Monday, which means The Game has dropped off yet another #MarathonMonday post for his fans on Instagram to get motivated for the week and reflect on Nipsey Hussle's legacy. The latest post coming from the "How We Do" rapper has him discussing fallen soldiers and how Nipsey was and always will be "a soldier for the people."

"He gave everything he was to the betterment of his neighborhood & city paving the way for a continuous streak of light, positivity & motivation in all of us to be better than we were before & after his passing," The Game wrote. He then goes on to explain how he still has days where he questions just why Nipsey was taken from us, but then he realizes that it's apart of life. 

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

"One day we will all perish as all living things must die & with that thought there is a spark that goes off in my mind that puts everything into perspective for me making it easier to see what my daily mission is," he added. 

"Our soldier, who gave his life in what I can only describe as a prophecy after knowing him personally & then getting to know him even more after his untimely demise."

Read the post in full below and let us know what you think.