The Game had been fighting serious sexual assault allegations for months before a judge ruled in favor of his accuser. Priscilla Rainey is the woman accusing the rapper of sexual assault and she is due to receive a $7.1 million payout in the case. Game has additionally accused of holding back money from her and in a new update from court, Rainey has reportedly been awarded the artist's music royalties.

A federal judge has reportedly ruled that Priscilla Rainey can seize the rapper's royalties in order to pay the $7.1 million judgment. Until The Game's debt is completely paid off, Rainey will reportedly be going directly to BMI for his money.

Apparently, The Game must comply with the royalty payments. If he attempts to block them, he can face time in jail for being held in contempt of the court.

The Game
Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Thus far, Rainey has only been able to collect $70,000 from The Game. She is due to receive a royalty payment from him this week.

Rainey was a contestant on the rapper's reality show She's Got Game, where she accused Game of groping her bare vagina, breasts, and butt in front of a crowd. When she pleaded with him to stop, he allegedly responded: "Shut the fuck up before I eliminate you!"

We will keep you posted as updates occur.