The Holiday family made history last night when Jrue, Justin, and Aaron became the first three brothers to play in an NBA game together according to research from the Elias Sports Bureau and ESPN.

"It was cool. I beat them and I got their jerseys, so I'll hang those up," Jrue said after the game. "It was fun. My whole family is here -- family and friends -- so just to be able to share that moment on the court, even from a family standpoint where I'm going back and, I'm not going to brag, but we know what happened. But it's a good feeling for me."

"It's a blessing," Shawn Holiday said before the game. "There's no other way to put it. You couldn't write the script any better than this. Them growing up, you couldn't envision this. For it to come true at this stage and this level, it's pretty amazing."

Giannis, Thanasis and Kostas Antetokounmpo had a shot at the record earlier this month, on Dec. 19, when the Bucks took on the Lakers, but only Giannis saw playing time.

Jrue and the New Orleans Pelicans notched the win in a 120-98 rout of his brothers and the Indiana Pacers.

Their next matchup is on February 8th.