The Honest Trailers series is known not so much for honesty as for ruthlessness. The series has being taking some of the most beloved movies and giving them the trailers they deserve for six years now. The concept works so well because although many of these movies may be almost universally loved, they are also all very low hanging fruit (the first three honest trailers were The Phantom Menace, Twilight and Titanic). But what happens when the movie is not so easily made fun of?

The newest Honest Trailer (there's a new one every Tuesday at 10am) runs into some trouble as it tries to mock a movie that has almost no pretensions. Making fun of a film where the main character is an oversized elf named Buddy who loves Christmas, Santa and sweets is not only difficult but also a bad look. The Honest Trailer ends up being just an explanation of the movie, which is already honest about its faults: "some Christmas movies are sweet, some are funny and others are just super, super weird. But only one of them is all of those things."

At the end of the video the narrator recognizes that it's impossible to really knock the Christmas classic: "this movie's delightful, I'm not a monster."