The Jerry Springer Show is the textbook definition for the term guilty pleasure. The talk show usually entertained sleazy subject matter in a manner that bordered on exploitation if it wasn't for the sheer amusement put on display. Topics ranged from "Gay Cousins in Love," to "Pregnant Gals and a Mime," upping the ante on shock factor with each exploration of implausible real life occurrences. 

However, the beloved and prolific program may be headed for an abrupt cancellation, as The Hollywood Reporter notes how there are no new episodes planned for the foreseeable future. The staff was reportedly informed about the station's decision in April, and have been on the hunt for new jobs ever since. The CW established a deal to air repeats, but has not decided if they will keep the show in production. 

Most of Springer's contemporaries have received the boot long ago including: Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Bill Cunningham, and Jenny Jones. However, former Springer Show bodyguard Steve Wilkos' talk show, alongside Maury Povich, have been renewed for new seasons. 

If these reports ring true, television has just lost one of its most identifiable iconoclasts.