Michael Jordan was always one of the most competitive basketball players in NBA history although when it came to Kobe Bryant, he always had a bit of soft spot. Jordan was Kobe's mentor and always gave him advice when he needed it. In fact, Kobe looked up to MJ and the Chicago Bulls legend always felt like Kobe was next in line to uphold the Jordan mantle.

When Kobe passed away, Jordan gave a touching speech at the memorial and even referred to Bryant as his little brother. Today, Episode 5 of "The Last Dance" is set to come out and it will be dedicated to Kobe whose interview is being featured. As director Jason Hehir said in a recent interview, Kobe shocked him when talking about his relationship with MJ. Hehir notes that the bond ran deeper than anyone would have thought.

Kobe Bryant

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

“I didn’t realize they had the relationship that they had until we interviewed Kobe in July a few weeks after the birth of his daughter (Capri),” Hehir said. “And he told me that from the time he was a youngster in the league, he did seek out Michael’s advice. But then Michael took it a step further and gave him his number and said, ‘Anytime you need advice – on or off the floor – you can call me.’ … (Kobe) said, ‘Michael is like the big brother that I never had. Without Michael Jordan, you don’t get Kobe Bryant.’"

Seeing Kobe in "The Last Dance" will truly be a sad moment for NBA fans who miss the Lakers star. Either way, we can't wait to soak in all of his insight into the career of a legend.