As tends to be the case in most creative mediums, there comes a time when one project seems to divide the lines down the middle; beloved by some, reviled by others. Often times, both sides possess the same amount of passion, maintaining that their cause is indeed the righteous one. This past gaming generation, the game that may have best encapsulated that split was Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us Part II, directed by Neil Druckmann and starring Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, and more.

For those familiar with the game's rollout, it goes without saying that the anticipated sequel was plagued by a devastating story leak months ahead of its release, one that immediately drew the ire of many disappointed fans. Unfortunately, minds were made up long before the game ever arrived, and the once-beloved series was immediately review-bombed on Metacritic. Despite the vitriol the narrative sparked, many who actually played the game found themselves enthralled by the emotionally devastating and compelling story. The performances of Johnson and Bailey, the game's two starring roles, were especially praised.

Before long, The Last Of Us Part II was receiving an endless slew of Game Of The Year Awards, so much so that it officially surpassed CD Projek Red's fantasy masterpiece The Witcher 3 as the most-awarded video game of all time. The milestone honor was acknowledged by Neil Druckmann, who praised the team responsible for the acclaimed PS4 game. "Man... just shipping a game of this scale can feel like a miracle," he reflects. "But having so many people connect with it has exceeded our wildest expectations. We are extremely grateful."

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