The diving pool at the Rio Olympics was closed this morning because the water is completely green and the entire building smells like farts. This is not a drill, it is just the harsh reality that Olympians are facing. 

The green water isn't a first for the Rio Olympics either, the diving pools originally turned green on Tuesday and later the water polo pool was plagued by the swamp like waters as well.

So why is the water green? According to Marilia Brocchetto, there are many different theories about why the diving pools are in such terrible shape including a change in alkalinity, algae and the lack of a chemical needed to treat the water

The Women's three-meter springboard preliminary is still scheduled to take place today, although it's anybody's guess what the sudden closure of the pool will have on that event. 

Fortunately, it doesn't appear as though the discolored water and rancid smells have put any of the Olympians' health at risk.