You know, I always wondered why people in The Purge movies just want to murder everyone. If there was one free day to commit any crime, wouldn't there be a much more interesting list of things to do other than murder? Why doesn't anyone rob a big bank, sell massive amounts of drugs, steal millions in gear, or sneak immigrants into the country? It seems like everyone has a murderous agenda in The Purge, but a new tv series based on the popular movies seeks to change that a bit. 

A new trailer for the USA Network's The Purge show was released at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. The short trailer highlights several groups of people who engage in the yearly crimeless holiday, and it looks like something other than murder will occur. It appears that adultery will play a role in the plot, something that is illegal in several states. It also appears that cult worshippers will come into play heavily, and of course, politics will also be important in the series. The series will feature ten episodes and will hit USA on September 4th. Hopefully, The Purge series isn't overkill for the franchise, which has found success despite critics who have blasted the films.