A new meme with a very simple concept has taken off on Twitter this weekend. Inspired by a simple request for a picture of Terrence Howard as a jedi, fulfilled quickly and effectively by Twitter user @ChuckDSays, the desire to put the actor's face on various characters quickly spread across the platform. 

Pulling from DJay, the pimp turned rapper Howard played in the 2005 film Hustle & Flow, the captions for the various photoshops shared one thing in common: the word "Mayne." Many of the memes kept within the superhero and fantasy lane, with Howard's mug showing up in Power Rangers, Game Of Thrones, Batman Vs. Superman, Spider-Man, and more. Of course, it eventually got more broad and weird, with the actor getting put on Prince's Purple Rain bike and Kendrick's DAMN. cover. Check out some of the best examples below, mayne.