It's been previously announced that Netflix is pulling the plug on Jessica Jones but it doesn't mean the Marvel show won't end with a bang as the latest trailer depicts. The trailer for the third and final season of the Netflix series looks at Jessica as a "cheater," calling her out for not being able to control herself. It looks as though the season as a whole brings on a new enemy for Jessica, someone who will stop at nothing to see her die. 

"Everybody's got a story. A beginning, a middle and an end," Jessica says in the clip below. The final season hits Netflix June 14th - peep the trailer in full below.

"If a little girl or little boy saw an image of Jessica Jones the way that she's dressed, they could be like, 'Oh, who's that?' 'Oh, well, that's Jessica Jones. She's really strong and she helps her friends and takes care of people when they need it,'" Krysten Ritter (who plays Jessica) previously stated about the series.

"And the fact that she's not super hot or super sexy and just kind of looks really normal and wears comfortable clothes, I think it's a great image for boys and girls."