The Underachievers Come Through With "Gotham Nights"

Mitch Findlay
October 16, 2017 16:09

The Underachievers shine in new video for "Gotham Nights."

Is it safe to say that The Underachiever's latest album The Renaissance is a contender for 2017's most slept-on album? In fact, the Flatbush duo made up of AKTHESAVIOR and Issa Gold have been criminally underrated for the majority of their career, so it's really no surprise that Renaissance feels like it has flown largely under the radar. Still, that hasn't stopped the talented rhymers from grinding, and today, they've come through with a new video for "Gotham Nights." Over the course of the clip, AK and Issa navigate their neon-lit apartment, the sun-lit trees, and the lamp-lit streets, spitting bars along the way.

Issa spits first, rocking a clean John Tavares Islanders Jersey as he delivers some classic New York vibes. Insofar as visuals go, "Gotham Nights" is hardly the flashiest, but it never professes to be. There is dopeness in simplicity, and The Underachievers are well aware of that. Despite that, the video's closing shot features some beautiful lighting, and stands out as a moment of stellar cinematography in an otherwise low-key clip. Perhaps the inclusion of AK hard at work on FL Studio foreshadows some new music from the group - we can only hope.

The "Gotham Nights" clip was directed by Jonah Schwartz, who killed it, especially on that final shot. Here's hoping that more people can start vibing to The Underachievers. In all honesty, many people are quick to decry the "new wave" of hip-hop, but there are a whole slew of dope lyricists who keep the art-form alive. They may not be popping off on Soundcloud, but they're out there if you're actively looking. The Underachievers are one such group, and if you're trying to lose yourself in that New York sound, then look no further.

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