Today, producer Gesaffelstein has come through with a new preview of his upcoming "Lost In Fire" single, which features none other than The Weeknd. We've already received word that the Canadian singer is readying some new music, and it should be interesting to see where his mind is at on this impending joint. 

The pair already has a history of collaboration, dating back to last year's My Dear Melancholy, where Ges produced both “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You.” Now, it would appear that they're looking to keep the streak alive, continuing to build their creative chemistry. The French producer has officially shared a brief, yet tantalizing snippet of his upcoming Weeknd collaboration "Lost In Fire." While it's difficult to discern what manner of direction the single may feature, it certainly bodes well for those seeking more Abel music.

The clip itself features a brief glimpse at the upcoming music video, which finds The Weeknd sitting back-to-back with a negative, bizarro figure, who may or may not be Ges himself. The track seems to employ a low synth drone, slightly mournful, like something off a bittersweet 80s soundtrack. The ever so slightest hint of high-pitched vocals bleed in at the tail end, perhaps a sign that falsetto will indeed be used. It's the Weeknd, after all. Be sure to look out for "Lost In Fire," set to arrive in the near future.