The Weeknd is one of the few artists who could hold off on releasing an album for a year or two but still manage to sell-out concerts and headline festivals. There's no doubt that he has an incredibly loyal fan base, but it appears that they could get a bit rowdy at times. The promoters for The Weeknd's concert in Dubai this past weekend were forced to end the show early due to safety concerts they described as "inappropriate fan behaviour."

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

According to PageSix, The Weeknd's headlining show at Dubai's Du Arena ended early after things allegedly got "dangerous." "The show had to stop early because it was so dangerous. Fans were going insane outside breaking down barricades and storming toward the stage," the source told the publication.

Fans were clearly upset that they couldn't enter the venue in order to see the singer in the flesh. Flash Entertainment, the concert organizers, explained in a statement that they always prioritize on the safety of their fans, staff, and artists. 

"The du Arena can easily accommodate 35,000 concert-goers. However, due to a large number of fans arriving simultaneously to The Weeknd concert, the gates were closed as a safety measure," the statement reads.

They added, "We are aware that this caused upset and disappointment and understand this can lead to frustration. We are disappointed to hear there were instances of inappropriate fan behavior and are working with necessary teams to ensure a smooth and safe entry ahead of the following concerts."